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Ear cleaner with OtoVisão360 Camera - Uncomplicated Hearing Cleaning!

Ear cleaner with OtoVisão360 Camera - Uncomplicated Hearing Cleaning!

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Ear cleaner with OtoVisão360 Camera - Your Path to Clear Hearing and Hassle-Free Hearing Cleaning!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the feeling of stuffy ears or noticed a gradual hearing loss? Ear cleaning may be required, often resulting in ineffective methods and, in some cases, even damage to the ears. The lack of visibility of the ear canal can make the process frustrating and unsafe.

Imagine having the ability to clearly see the inside of your ears, identifying wax easily and safely. The discomfort when trying to clean your ears is a thing of the past . How can we take care of our hearing if we cannot see and act accurately?


Accurate and Safe Hearing Cleaning:

    • With the three-axis directional gyroscope and ultra-thin silicone spoons, OtoVisão360 allows a 360° choice without dead angles, ensuring precise, comfortable and safe ear cleaning.

    HD View for Efficient Cleaning:

    • Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera and six cool-light LED lamps, this endoscope provides clear images to facilitate the identification and efficient removal of earwax, promoting effective ear cleaning.

    Mobile Compatibility and Convenience:

      • OtoVisão360 is compatible with Android 4.2 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher devices. Additionally, WiFi connectivity allows instant access to the mobile app, offering a convenient hearing care experience.

      Important: This product is not intended to replace medical consultations or traditional medicines prescribed by your doctor.

      Transform your Hearing Routine Now!

      Don't let uncertainty cloud your listening. Get OtoVisão360 today and experience a new era of hearing cleaning!

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